Polyurethane Foam Gaskets

As part of our non-metallic custom sponge and foam gaskets and seals product offerings, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. supplies polyurethane foam gaskets to clients operating in the commercial and industrial sectors. Polyurethane foam is an economical, open cell material that is commonly incorporated into the production process of custom gaskets. Our polyurethane foam gaskets are ideal for use in a number of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Cushioning
  • Dust sealing
  • Moisture sealing
  • Thermal & acoustic insulation

As an option, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd.’s polyurethane foam gaskets are available with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing. Contact A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. to learn more about our polyurethane foam gaskets, or the other custom sponge and foam gaskets and seals that we supply to our esteemed clients. To acquire polyurethane foam gaskets technical data, please visit the following link:

AJ702-2 spec sheet

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